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       Mahoning Valley Two Meter Contest
                Sponsored by the MVARA


                2021 Mahoning Valley Two Meter Contest Results

On March 27, 2021 the MVARA held the second annual The Mahoning Valley Two Meter Contest. With coronavirus concerns receding rover stations were allowed and helped to boost the level of activity and the scores.

17 operators activated 18 different grids and 3 states. 5 logs were received. Congratulations to the winners. The High power Fixed category was won by the K8GQB, the Lisbon Area Amateur Radio Association club call, a multi-op effort with K8IKO, K8LDX, KD8XB, and N8GOB as operators. The High power Rover category was won by KE4UHC. There were no QRP power entries.

Everyone enjoyed the relaxed pace with plenty of time to chat. The rover stations ensured there were new grids being activated through out the contest.

                                  High Power Fixed Stations


Rank  Call  QSO's Grids Score      
1 K8GQB 21 18 378      
2 WB8YHD 10 9 90      
3 KD8ODF 5 5 25      

                                  High Power Rover Stations


Rank  Call  QSO's Grids Score      
1 KE4UHC 12 7 84      
2 KB8HYF 9 5 45      

The second Mahoning Valley 2 Meter Contest is dedicated to the memory of Becky Albrecht, KD8SCF SK. Although a member of MVARA for too short a time, she had a big impact on the club. Even before becoming a member, she spearheaded a special Technican License class by the MVARA that saw a dozen new hams get licensed. As a member she was always willing to help such as taking on the duties of PIO for Field Day and serving as our Club Secretary.

Hope to catch you on the air next year.